Jorge Bennett’s Paintings of “El Valle de Anton”, Panama. » “Boys in the Trees” (Niños en Los Árboles)   Leave a comment

This is a view of some of my nephews and friends playing in the garden at uncle’s Tito’s (Irving Bennett) country house. The house of course can’t be seen because of the plants and the trees. This is the front part of the terrain, near the street. My little niece is in the background, silently watching “the boys in the trees”. It is not by accident that this title is the same as Carly Simon’s lovely song from the 70’s. There are some parallels, but in my painting I just basically wanted to capture the tenderness and innocence of the moment, and the light. Aunt Lily (Tito’s wife) fell instantly in love with the painting and bought it from me as soon as she saw it. It is, after all, a painting of her garden and her grandchildren.


Posted June 27, 2011 by Jorge Bennett, Composer.

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