Jorge Bennett’s Paintings of “El Valle de Anton”, Panama. » “Niño Con Hamburguesa de Pollo en la Fonda de El Valle”   Leave a comment

"Boy with Chicken Hamburger at Small Restaurant of El Valle"

I made two paintings of this Fonda ( a “Fonda” is a small restaurant with Panamanian typical foods). For subjects like this one I take many photos and select the ones I like the most to make a painting at my estudio.The innocent absent-minded face of the boy eating the hamburger is what first called my attention that day (when I was there with my camera). Panama was celebrating commemoration patriotic feasts during those days and schools had to parade; thus the child’s uniform. I was also attracted to the bright varied colors of the scene. I find it curious that of all my paintings this one has a slight “comic magazine” style to it that I didn’t quite intend, but I ended liking it. This particular Fonda was in the midst of El Valle, but this kind of Fonda can be found anywhere else in Panama.


Posted June 27, 2011 by Jorge Bennett, Composer.

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