Romance for Violin and String Orchestra “She Moves With The Music”   4 comments


4 responses to “Romance for Violin and String Orchestra “She Moves With The Music”

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  1. Dear Mr. Bennett-Limnio!
    We are very interested in your works for saxophone Quartet. Is it possible to buy them. We want to start a programme with composers of south american composers. Thanks, Guido Grospietsch

    • Dear Mr. Grospietsch, Thank you so much for your compliments and your interest in my music! I would be delighted if my saxophone music is performed anywhere outside Panama. I have so far a saxophone quartet and a piece for Alto Sax with marimba, vibraphone, bass guitar and drum set. The saxophone quartet has only been performed (that I know of) once at my school’s Cheslock Concert, once at my graduation from the University of NC School of the Arts, and a couple of times here in Panama, my hometown. Since my music is not known internationally, I would be glad to send you the score and the parts as PDF files at no cost. All I would ask from you is to send me copies of the music program booklet if my piece is included on a concert or recital, and if you ever get to make a recording or a video of the piece, I would be honored to own a copy of such recording. Thanks again for your interest and do not hesitate to contact me for any additional requests. My email is

  2. …and it doesn´t refer to your lovely symphonic work;)

  3. Beautiful!

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