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There’s a stupor round the halls and chambers
A slumbering mist has taken hold of the land
The yellow cat sleeps in his cottony pad
And the stately Clock is frozen in time

It is noon, and the High Hour is nigh
But even the Lord of the Mansion slumbers
The servants are sitting in leisure
The daughters in luxury and ease

The son is away in battle
Asleep are rick, cot and cattle
And deep in the woods of hickory
A lone cuckoo sings in mockery

Who shall answer the call?

The Battle Horn rings through the forest
The Herald arrives bringing great tides
He tells the Doorkeeper, where is thy Master?
“Asleep”, he sadly replies.

“Well,” says the Herald, “awake him!
Let’s awake this whole land,
War is upon you and your king,
And great evil is at hand!”

And so the Herald took his horn,
Of ivory and gold and sand,
He blew a Mighty Tone
And thus awoke the whole land.

The yellow cat jumped to the ceiling
The Clock turned ‘round and ‘round
The lord of the house fell off his bed
The servants like frightened chickens sprang
(And the daughters cried out in alarm)
Such was the power of the Herald
Such was the power of His Horn
Such was the power of His Call

July 7, 2010.


2 responses to “Stupor

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  1. I love it. Beautiful words.

  2. Thank you. I love Tolkien and his books (Lord of the Rings and the Hobbit). I guess there is a lot of his influence in this poem.

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